Manage your grain flow with AGI

The AGI UTX 44 auger 

Ag Growth International (AGI) has a strong presence in Australia and is a leading manufacturer of portable and stationary grain handling, storage and conditioning equipment, including augers, belt conveyors, storage bins and silos, handling accessories and aeration equipment.


A modern professional farmer or commercial operator knows all about harvest pressure. Getting the crop off the paddock and into storage requires your equipment to be fast and reliable. A necessity that makes the auger you use a critical decision.

A mobile AGI Wheatheart swing auger fills a pair of AGI’s stiffened, corrugated silos.

If your auger does not match header and trucking capacity, you can create a serious bottleneck in your operation. A problem that can prove very costly, especially if the harvest season weather is against you or the local elevator wait times are excessive.

AGI solves this problem with the X series range of augers. Models range from 16 to 38m (53 to 124ft) in length and coupled with a swing-away or extend hopper, these augers can move grain at a breathtaking ten tonnes per minute.

The additional mobility of an X series auger means you can quickly move it to fill a bunker or silo anywhere on your farm, thus ensuring you don’t overcapitalise on fixed handling equipment.


Once you have grain in your store, it must be kept in pristine condition to maintain its market value.

AGI silos are designed to the highest standards and verified by testing. They are built to withstand the harshest of Australian weather conditions with high tensile steel stiffeners and corrugated galvanized steel on the walls and roof.

AGI Silos fitted with the 220 tonnes per hour U-Trough easy flow unloader.

The AGI silo conditioning regime includes fumigation and aeration systems that can be coupled with the AGI SureTrack bin manager software solution to maintain grain quality and value. SureTrack also enables you to market directly to buyers and validate grain quality.


Once you sell your grain, fulfilling the order starts in the silo. The silo unloader and the out-loading auger need to be fast and soft on the product. The auger additionally needs to be well-built and safe to operate.

AGI solves delivery pressures with the EasyFlow 2 U-Trough unloader and the UTX44 U-Trough truck loading auger. By pairing these two units, loading rates of 3.7 tonnes per minute or 220 tonnes per hour can be achieved, making the execution of your orders fast, safe and reliable.

For more information viist or contact AGI BU manager Peter Forster on tel: 0477 474 726 or Email:


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