Manutec moves to Zero maintenance with its agri-hub option

Manutec has designed a range of press wheels and assemblies that incorporate their new zero maintenance agri-hubs

Manutec’s range of press wheels and press wheel assemblies are now available with a zero maintenance agri-hub as a very viable option to select.

The zero service agri-hub is a completely sealed, maintenance free hub specifically designed for use in tillage.

It increases productivity and cuts down the through-life cost of running press wheels. These savings are achieved through reduced maintenance costs and downtime.

Once fitted the agri-hub requires no maintenance, other than routinely checking the nuts and bolts.

The agri-hub press wheel is available as a standalone wheel or as part of a complete press wheel system and will suit growers looking for reduced maintenance costs.

The agri-hub wheels can be used to replace any previous Manutec Integral or HT model press wheels as well as many wheels and coulters on other cultivation brands.

Manutec coulter systems are also available with the zero-maintenance hub as an option.

Manutec has also released an expanded range of aftermarket press wheels to fit these popular brands and models; John Deere (1820/1830), FlexiCoil (5000/5500), Bourgault (5810), John Deere (1870), Morris C1/C2, Morris Maxim, Horwood Bagshaw PSS, Seedhawk, Flexicoil (PD5700), DBS/AUSPLOW, Flexicoil ST820, and John Deere 1860/1890.

Parts available for these models include replacement press wheel tyres for the Air Hoe Drills, split rim wheels for the precision seeders and replacement gauge wheels, hubs and discs for the disc seeders.

Complete gang systems and gang conversions are also available for the conventional bars such as the Flexicoil ST820 and Bourgault 8810.

On farm trials have now been completed for full gang conversions for all makes of North American Air Hoe Drills such as the John Deere 1820/1830, Morris Maxim and Bourgault 5810.

This system has been extensively tested to ensure durability in hard conditions. It can extend the life of existing machines without the expense of fitting original equipment.

The Manutec Air Hoe Drill conversions have some extensive improvements such as Split rims allowing for easy tyre change. They run on Rock and pressure resistant tyres. And increased capacity bearings and shafts.

Also, the Wheels lock in sequence to improve rolling performance.

Manutec also has a large range of parts available to suit all Australian manufacturers including a new range of specialised aftermarket tyres to for the DBS to suit split and spread row seeding boots.

As the take up of this seeding method increases so does the range of tyres that Manutec has available to suit most Australian and imported machinery.

Existing press wheel systems that have been optimised to single narrow row seeding can now be easily converted to suit spread row and split row seeding.

For more information give Manutec a call on tel: 08 8260 2277, see the full range on the website at


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