Massey Ferguson reaches a 175-Year milestone of tractor innovation

The most iconic badge in tractors Massey Ferguson marks its 175 year anniversary with renewed dedication to farmer-focused tractor models

The Massey Ferguson tractor badge marks its 175th year in 2022 and has good reason to celebrate with an award winning array of models including the all powerful MF 8S Series

AGCO is a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of agricultural machinery and precision ag technology but its greatest achievement is being the owner of the Massey Ferguson badge.

This year, 2022 marks the 175th anniversary of the Massey Ferguson® brand.  The first company to make real inroads to making tractors affordable for all farmers across the globe.

And for 175 years Massey Ferguson has provided straightforward, dependable solutions for generations of farmers since.

The brand celebrates this milestone anniversary with a renewed dedication to farmer-focused innovation, embodied by the Massey Ferguson 8S Series tractor and the rest of the MF S Series line-up.

“For 175 years, the farmer has been at the heart of everything we do,” said Darren Parker, vice president of Massey Ferguson North America said. “We are, and always have been, agricultural problem solvers dedicated to providing the right equipment, at the right price, for individual farming operations.

“Our equipment is born to farm – delivering new cutting-edge ag advancements every decade and offering the sustainability and performance farmers need not just for today, but for the next hundred years,” Darren Parker added.

The MF 8S Series offers a choice of six powerful models that can match any other brand for specification packages and a wide range of options that allows farmers to tailor the tractor to suit their needs

A legacy of farmer-focused innovation

From industry first to industry staples – like Harry Ferguson’s historic 3-point implement hitch system – over the past 175 years, Massey Ferguson has embraced innovation to produce dependable, economic farming implements for a wide range of applications and environments.

Massey Ferguson is a story of ingenuity, grit and a deep understanding of the farmers they serve.

When Daniel Massey recognised the benefit of industrially manufactured implements and established Massey Manufacturing Co. in Ontario, Canada, in 1847, he began a legacy of farmer-focused innovation that carries through to the current equipment line-up.

Massey Ferguson’s product line began with some of the first mechanical threshers, and they remained at the forefront of the ag industry with:

  • The first mass-produced, self-propelled combines and combine harvesters
  • Some of the first four-wheel-drive tractors
  • First electronic hitch control systems
  • And much more 

However, it was Harry Ferguson’s TE 20, released in 1946, that truly embodies the spirit of Daniel Massey’s original company. This light, reasonably priced tractor could replace machines one and a half times its size, increasing productivity, versatility and ease of use.

As part of the newly created Massey Ferguson brand, Harry Ferguson helped usher in a generation of straightforward, dependable design.

Today, Massey Ferguson engineers continue to push the boundaries of performance, productivity and comfort with revolutionary equipment releases in HHP, CUE, material handling, hay and forage, planters and more. 

All MF 8S Series are powered by the latest technology AGCO Power 7.4-litre six-cylinder engines – from the 151kW (205hp) MF 8S.205 up to the latest MF 8S.305 224kW (305hp) flagship model

Dependable farmer experience

Throughout its 175-year history, Massey Ferguson has made strategic acquisitions and investments to meet the needs of a dynamic industry.

The badge has always focused on providing the right equipment at the right cost for the region and application by leveraging the best components of a portfolio always striving to benefit customers. These investments include:

  • Partnership with “Sunshine” stripper harvester, which drastically improved productivity.
  • Acquisition of Wallis Tractor, featuring the U-frame, which brought MF closer to self-supporting frames.
  • Partnership with Perkins Engines, builders of the most sustainable engines at the time.
  • Acquisition of Landini, the Italian manufacturer of the first track-type tractor.

In 1994 Massey Ferguson joined the AGCO Corporation brand portfolio. This partnership allowed the badge to combine resources across the family of AGCO brands to provide the most dependable, hardworking equipment for Massey Ferguson customers across the globe.

Additionally, it provides access to world-class services, including AGCO’s GenuineCare and AGCO Protection. Farmers can focus on the paddock, not equipment maintenance, confident their assets are protected by the financial strengths of a global brand.

With noise levels of just 68dB the MF 8S Series cab it is one of the quietest on the market and with an interior volume of 3.4m³ it is also one of the most spacious. A light and airy workplace with a 6.6m² glass area it boasts unrivalled space and visibility

Straightforward equipment solutions

Over the decades, Massey Ferguson has continued to grow by providing solutions to those who wish to increase productivity, dependability and agricultural sustainability.

Few brands can boast the wealth of knowledge and decades of experience that have resulted in powerful, dependable components at the forefront of the ag industry. Clearly witnessed in the MF 8S Series, the culmination of 175 years of progress for the Massey Ferguson badge.

As agriculture changes to meet more stringent health and safety guidelines, operator comfort has become a key focus, and the exclusive Protect-U™ design that puts a 238mm (9.4-inch) gap between the engine and the cab is an example of how much effort goes into MF tractors.

A Datatronic 5 228mm (9-inch) terminal is mounted on an adjustable arm and this single screen system controls all the tractor functions and manages all the MF Technologies smart farming suite

This results in less noise – just 68 dBa – and less vibration. And with a streamlined hood design and all-in-one after-treatment system paired with a 360-degree view, it offers improved visibility in all operations.

The MF 8S Series leverages the MF selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system to provide 40% less emissions from previous stages and fuel savings at lower engine revs, all while delivering a straightforward compliance that doesn’t lead to downtime.

Additionally, cutting-edge technology, like our Datatronic™ 5 terminal and smart farming systems, allows farmers to maximise productivity while minimising their carbon footprint.

“We are proud to celebrate 175 years of serving the global agricultural community,” Vice President Darren Parker said. “It’s a fantastic milestone.

“We appreciate the support and loyalty of generations of Massey Ferguson customers as well as those who are discovering the benefits of our straightforward, dependable approach to design with our newest models.

“From rural lifestyle to production ag, our equipment is built for those who are born to farm,” Darren Parker added. For more information on Massey Ferguson, the MF 8S Series or the company’s full lineup of tractors and agricultural products, take a look at this link.