Massey Ferguson TH7038 telehandler is available for delivery

The next generation Massey Ferguson TH.7038 Telehandler series is more powerful than its 9407S predecessor and has increased lift capacity

Loaded with a more powerful engine the TH.7038 telehandler from Massey Ferguson replaces the MF 9407S model with increased lift capacity – now up to 3.8 tonnes.

The TH7038 will make many current telehandler owners consider this model at their next purchase process. It works through a clean Tier 4F compliant 3.4-litre Doosan D34 engine to develop 96kW (130hp).

A reversible fan is available to shift debris accumulating on the air intake grilles set into the upper surfaces of a hood that is lower and better shaped than before with regards to visibility to the right-hand side.

This has been made possible by installing the engine a little lower and positioning the cooling pack at an angle to one side rather than horizontal in both planes. To the right rear quarters, visibility from the cab continues to benefit from the curved glass that does away with a corner pillar.

The TH.7038 has its ample power coupled to a four-speed transmission comprising a two-speed gearbox and a hydrostatic pump and motor installation with two speed settings.

In the cab of Massey Ferguson’s TH.7038 a digital display screen on the dash show valuable information while the controls and instruments are easy to use. With a lift capacity of 3800kg and a lift height of 7m the joystick offers ultimate control

Top speed is 40kph, which warrants oil-immersed disc brakes on both axles, while separate engine and ground speed controls can be used for low speed work where decent engine revs are required to ensure sufficient hydraulic flow for a powered attachment.

In addition, there is the ability to turn down hydraulic flow to the auxiliary circuit from the 190-litre/min piston pump as needed for different applications and attachments.

The use of electronic load-sensing valves allows up to three functions at once with the side-mounted joystick, that also hosts switches for boom telescope and retract – with cushioning on the end stroke of the latter – and the transmission shuttle.

With regard to the TH.7038 performance, the maximum lift capacity of 3800kg de-rates very slightly at the extreme end of the machine’s extended boom lift but clearly there is greater grunt available up to that point.

At full extension with the boom horizontal, the 1500kg lift capacity applies as before. Boom suspension improves ride comfort and reduces the risk of loads dislodging or spilling when travelling over a rough surface.

Contact your local Massey Ferguson dealer for a look at the TH7038 telehandler on tel: 03 9313 0313. Or visit