MAXAM expands its premier agricultural tyre series the AGRIXTRA and FLOTXTRA

As a major global specialty tyre manufacturer and distributor MAXAM has built a strong reputation in farm tyres and is also known for delivered value

The MAXAM AGRIXTRA wide profile 70-Series tyre fitted to this John Deere tractor proved to be the perfect selection for the crop growing owner as it offers minimal soil compaction and improved traction

Delivering a performance range of tyres at a competitive price, the MAXAM radial agricultural series is designed to offer simple and effective tyres that offer aspect ratios and sizes to meet current as well as future equipment demands

Being able to offer a full complement of tyres for agriculture was achieved by developing a technology driven range of radial tyres in both standard and VF to meet the evolving equipment needs of farmers and growers worldwide.

Servicing tractors, harvesters, sprayers, tankers, and trailers, MAXAM’s premier agricultural series are the AGRIXTRA and FLOTXTRA.

Consisting of six series, the AGRIXTRA line has solutions to meet the demands of each application. Ensuring minimal soil compaction, ride comfort, and improved traction, the AGRIXTRA series is designed with farmers and growers in mind.

Packaged with one of the best warranties in the industry, the AGRIXTRA is a risk-free option that is built to last. Being more than just a versatile agricultural tyre that performs in a wide range of applications, MAXAM’s AGRIXTRA delivers performance, cost savings, and the value farmers are seeking.

In addition, the MS961R FLOTXTRA is another effective solution for the agricultural market for servicing tanker and trailer applications. This all-steel-radial flotation implement tyre provides the long treadwear, high stability, and resistance to punctures across rough terrain.

The FLOTXTRA delivers both excellent paddock traction and minimal vibration at high transport speed due to its non-directional block tread pattern design.

OEM-approved in the US and Europe, the FLOTXTRA is available in a wide range of sizes to meet all farming application requirements.

When you choose MAXAM agricultural tyres, you are choosing a quality product, superior performance, above-and-beyond customer experience, and innovative business solutions that deliver exceptional value.

The organisation’s foundation is centered around world-class engineering practices and currently claims one of the most advanced manufacturing platforms within the tyre industry, ensuring superior product quality for farmers and growers globally.

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