Mechanical drive makes Apache Sprayers super reliable

The 194kW (260hp) AS1240 is the range-topping model in the Apache stable and offers a 4540-litre tank capacity mated to booms out to 40m

Collaboration with growers in 1997 led Equipment Technologies to the conviction that mechanical drive was the only way to to build a tough, simple and reliable sprayer.

Now, more than twenty years later, the company is the largest manufacturer of mechanical drive sprayers in the world with over 8500 machines working globally.

Mechanical drive isn’t just a way to move the sprayer but a concept that flows through to enhance all areas of the Apache’s performance and efficiency.

More power to the ground, reduced cabin noise, lighter overall weight, better fuel efficiency, lower maintenance costs, and better boom ride are all benefits that the company says are improved by mechanical drive.

Sprayers in the Apache range are driven by 4.5-litre Cummins engines wedded to a 4-speed JCB powershift transmission in the smaller capacity models, or a 6.7-litre Cummins engine mated to a ZF 6-speed powershift transmission with lock up torque converter in the bigger machines.

The Apache range has boom sizes from 24 to 40m (80 to 130ft) and tank capacities from 2460 to 4540-litres.

When you add choices in tyre sizes, plumbing, GPS and controllers it allows buyers to customise their sprayer to any specific need.

Many buyers opt for an Apache as it offers a smaller initial investment, as the company claims it has the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.

Apache Sprayers also have a higher resale value. It has been shown that AS Series models retain an average of 72 per cent of their value after 5 years, verified by a survey conducted by Equipment Watch USA and this has been the case for three years running.

The Apache mechanical drivetrain has fewer parts for increased reliability and a simpler operator interface.

In addition, models across the Apache range share many of their parts, making for a lower cost and readily available replacement parts.

In keeping with the company philosophy of continuous innovation, Apache has introduced a number of improvements for the 2019 model year.

A one-piece hood design improves durability in rough working conditions and an added cross member under the product tank improves load distribution and balance.

For buyers opting for adjustable axles, added flexibility is provided by higher capacity and splined kingpins.

Perhaps most importantly, the current line-up benefits from the cutting-edge

precision technology delivered by the Raven Advanced RS1TM Steering System.

On top of next-level steering accuracy, the RS1 system adds functions like advanced steering electronics and the Viper 4+ advanced paddock computer for product application and boom control.

In an effort to minimise machine downtime, current model Apaches also get Raven Slingshot in-cab remote support.

This provides remote troubleshooting, software updates and operator assistant functions, including access to the machine and precision data for faster troubleshooting, over-the-air updates, remote desktop service help, data logging, machine diagnostics, data analytics and more.

A two-year subscription to the Slingshot service is included.

Inside the cab, the Apache Sprayers now offer operators the benefit of an all-new positive-position joystick that has been custom-engineered to specifically fit the current machines.

The joystick provides a high level of control via a versatile, durable dual-axis configuration with ergonomic functions like a silicon pad and replaceable components that make it both comfortable and functional in the long term.

Equipment Technologies claim going to work has never been so comfortable, or quiet, as it is in an Apache sprayer. The flex frame chassis, patented suspension and ergonomic seat soak up the bumps, providing a smooth ride.

A custom cab has excellent visibility of the boom, front tyres and forward position.

The touchscreen display informs the operator of the engine vitals, and is the control centre for power mirrors, throttle settings, diagnostics and more.

The joystick allows the operator to easily change gears, rpm, adjust boom height and control wing tilt. The rear-view camera, cruise control, and quality Bluetooth radio all add to operator comfort.

Apache sprayers are backed by a 5-year limited warranty. The first two years of the warranty includes bumper-to-bumper coverage of parts and labour up to 1000 hours. The following three years covers parts only.

For more information on the Apache range call John Reichstein on 042 782 7944 or (07) 4671 2717, or email:

Alternatively, see all the Apache models at: or


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