Merlo Turbofarmer 42.7TT CS 140 is an ultra-safe telehandler with the option of a CVT transmission

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Truly versatile around the farm, the Turbofarmer TF42.7 TT CS-140 will lift and load safely with exclusive boom side shift and frame levelling as standard, it makes its case to be your first choice on the farm
Truly versatile around the farm, the Turbofarmer TF42.7 TT CS-140 will lift and load safely with exclusive boom side shift and frame levelling as standard

Merlo’s Turbofarmer is designed as a do-it-all machine for agricultural tasks with the added safety of boom side shift and chassis levelling as standard.

The latest Turbo Farmer 42.7TT CS 140 builds on what is already a popular model in the range with an industry current Tier IV engine and the option of a stepless CVT transmission.

Engine power of 100kW (136hp), from its four-cylinder, 3.6-litre Deutz powerplant is ideal to handle the work expected from a busy farm handler.

And in addition, operators will find the side-mounted engine provides easy access for servicing with an interval of 500 hours on the engine oil.

A reverse fan is standard and runs off its own hydraulic pump, which ensures it always runs at the correct speed.

The fan can be reversed with a switch in the cab to blow out any accumulated debris and will automatically switch back after two minutes.

The TF 42.7 CS offers full-time 4WD and drive to the wheels on the standard model is delivered by Merlo’s HST drive system via a two-speed range transfer gearbox.

Powered by a dedicated electronically controlled hydraulic pump, at low speed the two motors work together to provide maximum torque and acceleration.

The 42.7TT CS-140 is just as handy working inside farm sheds with its choice of three steering modes: front wheel, four wheel, and crab steering making it versatile and manoeuvrable whichever direction you need to work in

At higher transport speeds, the second hydrostatic motor is disengaged and the oil powers the remaining motor to full speed.

Two ranges can be selected from the cab: 0 to 14kph and 0 to 40kph, giving the operator more control over the machine at slower speeds.

The telehandler must be stopped in order to change ranges – a function that helps prevent damage and for added safety.

Alternatively, opting for the CVTronic model gives operators the smooth acceleration of a continuously variable transmission without interrupting torque right up to the maximum 40kph transport speed.

The two transmission choices both have a handy fuel saving setting. When set to heavy load, the maximum engine rpm is available at all times.

When in eco mode, it will still achieve top speed but at an engine rpm of 1,900, which is ideal for road travel to save fuel.

Typically for a telehandler, there is a choice of three steering modes: front wheel, four wheel, and crab steering.

These can be easily selected with a switch in the cab, making it versatile and manoeuvrable whichever direction you need to work in.

The TF 42.7TT CS features an impressive 7.1m maximum boom extension, which betters most close competitors on the market and makes it an excellent choice for tasks like stacking bales.

Active boom suspension when carrying loads provides for a smoother ride for operators and the fact it turns off automatically when the machine is travelling at slower than 3kph gives precision movements when loading or unloading.

The hydraulic system uses a single load sense pump, that puts out an impressive 150 litres/min, and there is a 110-litre reservoir at the rear of the machine.

Merlo offers the largest cab in its category and the suspended CS cab delivers an enviably smooth ride across even the roughest paddocks, greatly adding to operator comfort levels and extending work periods while the cab also pressurised to prevent dust entering

The boom headstock also incorporates hydraulic locking for attachments and a third service.

When using Merlo attachments, a radio frequency identification reader in the headstock recognises the attachment that is fitted and automatically knows the maximum lifting weights and heights.

Merlo’s TF 42.7 CS telehandler is also fitted with a weighing system incorporated into the main lift cylinder.

This system delivers the ability to weigh loads at any time with any attachment, a function that can come in very handy with jobs like loading ingredients into a mixer wagon.

A standout feature that Merlo is widely known for is its cab suspension.

Delivering an impressively smooth ride, the cab sits on mechanical guides, using a single hydraulic cylinder under the cab to allow it to move up and down.

The Turbofarmer 42.7TT CS-140 is compatible with a wide range of attachments and has the added bonus of being able to weigh any load it is carrying

Self-centering, it also adjusts to the weight in the cab.

Inside the cab, operators will find a forward/reverse shuttle lever on the left-hand side of the steering wheel, and a righthand joystick.

The joystick controls boom movements and also has roller switches on top, allowing the operator to control the third service and boom telescope with their thumb.

Near the cab’s front right pillar is the display for the Merlo dynamic load control system.

This system has been designed to keep operators within the safe working limits of the machine. It displays all relevant information on a clear, easy-to-see screen.

Across the bottom of the screen, the boom height, length and angle are shown.

Along the side displays the current weight being carried, the percentage of the allowable weight calculation, and what attachment is fitted (if the machine can recognise it).

The TF 42.7TT CS offers an impressive 7.1m maximum boom extension and can lift a maximum of 4,200kg which makes it an excellent choice for all farm tasks

The main box displays the load chart for the current attachment, showing in real time where the boom is positioned and what the maximum safe lift height and angles are.

The system will lock the machine out if it’s overloaded and out of the safe working range.

Next to the brake and the accelerator is a third pedal – the inching pedal.

This allows the operator to inch forward or hold the machine against the pile when loading.

Having a separate pedal allows more precise control and causes less wear than using the brakes.

Cruise control is another great function on the Merlo for road travel and works much like a road vehicle; it can be set to hold any speed so the operator doesn’t need to keep their foot on the accelerator.

To learn more, contact your local dealer or the fully dedicated Merlo Australia division direct on tel: 02 9688 0600, email or see more details at the website:

Merlo Turbo Farmer 42.7TT CS 140

Engine:                        Deutz 3.6 litre, 4-cylinder, Tier IV F

Power:                        100kW (136hp)

Transmission:              2-speed Hydrostatic or Stepless CVTronic

Max speed:                 40kph

Hydraulic pump:         150 litres/min load-sensing

Weight:                         7,450kg

Lift capacity:                 4,200kg

Max lift height:            7.1m

Max reach:                    3.7m