NDE line of economical single auger vertical mixers includes the popular FS700

NDE FS models are all-purpose mixers offering a front or side discharge with a wide array of conveyor options and tyre and axle configurations

The NDE FS700 is an ideal model for many operations as it is economical to run and easy to transport

The NDE FS700 is very popular with smaller operators as it is economical to run and is easy to transport while handling product capacity up to 18.4 cubic metres.

This single auger model has 9 carbide-insert knives for an aggressive cut and only require a minimum of 81 to 96kW (110 to 130hp). The mixer is available with either the two side doors and elevator options or the front door conveyor feed out.

There are some obvious reasons the FS700 model is popular, it has the widest front door opening in its class at 147cm (58-inches) and this allows for a more even distribution of product.

In addition, the heavy-duty build of the FS700 makes it suitable for all types of product distribution, and it has the advantage of 107cm (42-inch) wide suspended conveyor with several discharge lengths.

Front discharge conveyors are suspended from the tub to ensure optimum accuracy of feeding. There is a choice of a flat two- way conveyor or a 50cm (20-inch) or 90cm (36-inch) folding dog leg conveyor.

For side door discharges there are folding conveyor options from 0.9 to 2.75 Metre (3 to 9ft) lengths.

The NDE FS700 can also tackle bulk feeding operations with a product capacity up to 18.4 cubic metres and this model runs on minimum pto power of 81 to 96kW (110 to 130hp)

The FS700 has a tall profile that is ideal for handling full-size bales and other feed ingredients easily. And a 305mm (12-inch) heavy duty rubber extension increases the capacity of the mixer by 2.1 to 2.7 cubic metres.

All NDE mixers offer an industry leading 610mm (24-inch) curved carbide-insert knives for an aggressive cut and minimum wear.

The full flighting auger is 16mm (5/8-inch) thick and designed as a continuous one piece to provide the best lift action able to achieve a complete mix of all feed.

Eastern Spreaders supply the FS700 with tandem walking beam on heavy duty 15/55 x 17 tyres as standard.

While the FS700 mixer can also be factory equipped with a tandem axle design with 12.5Lx16-14 ply tyres fitted, and flotation tyres are also available.

The FS700 has a 1000rpm PTO speed and has a minimum power requirement of 96kW (130hp).

All NDE machines are fitted with Weightronix weighing systems with bold type monitors as standard.

A number of optional features are available for these mixers, including fully programmable scale monitors and a two-speed gearbox.

The smaller S400 and S600 single auger models in the NDE range offer 11.4 to 16.2 cubic metre capacities with side door only discharge.

NDE FS Series feed mixers are available now from Eastern Spreaders, call for more details on tel: 03 5450,3077, or email: sales@easternspreaders.com.au or see the website at: www.easternspreaders.com.au