New Holland T7.300 becomes flagship Long Wheelbase model

The introduction of the T7.300 Long Wheelbase tractor with PLM Intelligence also gains the title for biggest power-to-weight ratio for New Holland tractors

New Holland’s T7.300 Long Wheelbase tractor with PLM Intelligence comes equipped with a powerful reinforced FPT Industrial NEF Engine 6.7 litre with up to 221kW (300hp) available

New Holland is calling the T7.300 Long Wheelbase tractor the most powerful and compact tractor in its power category as it delivers more power while maintaining the dimensions and manoeuvrability of other T7 Series models.

Complementing its standard engine power delivery of 206kW (280hp) for draft work there is also a further boost available to 221kW (300hp) for pto and haulage jobs.

The T7.300 is fitted with the most current operator environment incorporated in the Horizon Ultra cab with an extensive range of inter-cab technology and functions to help the operator maximise productivity.

“Our customers told us they wanted a tractor with more power without the downside of bigger frames and more weight, and they didn’t want to sacrifice manoeuvrability,” said Oscar Baroncelli, head of Tractors New Holland.

“We took up their challenge and developed the T7.300 Long Wheelbase, it delivers greater engine power with larger tyres, with no increase at all in overall T7 Series dimensions – it’s a design feature we call Ultimate Performance Density.”

Power starts under the hood

The T7.300 has an enhanced FPT Industrial NEF 6 6.7-litre engine with up to 221kW (300hp) available and is fitted with FPT’s Electronic Variable Geometry Turbo, designed to ensure high torque and fuel efficiency at lower RPMs.

Contributing to overall efficiency is an upgraded version of the Auto Command transmission, considered to achieve a best-in-class driveline for tractive effort.

Overall, the T7.300 LWB tractor helps operators reduce downtime by increasing fuel capacity by 18% and decreasing service intervals by 50% when compared to other New Holland models.

The capabilities of the T7.300 LWB tractor continue to go above and beyond with increased axle functions and higher weight-holding functions.

The increased traction and soil performance of 2.05m tyres, along with dimension continuity from previous T7 models, enables the T7.300 LWB tractor to deliver ultimate performance working across any terrain.

Innovations on the next level

The T7.300 LWB tractor provides more processing power, added implement connectivity and in-cab convenience to meet the needs of the most proactive techno operator.

This model comes equipped with a range of smart technology functions that include Tractor Implement Management, a system that allows two-way communication between the tractor and implements for improved operator control.

For example, when using the Integrated Large Square Baler Control the interaction with the T7.300 cab movement will be reduced by 15% and fuel consumption is reduced by 12%, while maintaining a consistent pto speed and reducing input costs.

Additionally, the T7.300 LWB tractor comes fitted with New Holland’s PLM Intelligence system, that integrates data technology to connect operators and the farm base station to the paddock conditions that in turn will lead to optimised yield potential.

This is achieved through the IntelliView monitor that gives operators a complete view of the paddock operation ahead.

In addition, IntelliSteer autosteering and IntelliTurn automated end-of-row turning are added functions to aid the operator and increase productivity.

As well as advanced connectivity, operators and the farm base station can connect to PLM products through MyPLM Connect to view real-time information from the paddock, while dealers can provide remote diagnostic support through the monitor to help the operator get back to work.

Cab comfort and ergonomics

Comfort and smooth riding are pillars in the build of the T7.300 LWB tractor.

This tractor leverages the full advantages of the Horizon Ultra cab, one of the quietest at just 66 decibels, and sports the Comfort Ride suspension, the active electro-hydraulics system that mitigates cab movement from the chassis with a “skyhook” control logic.

The resultant smooth, comfortable and quiet ride combines with excellent forward visibility while the ergonomic controls give the T7.300 a benchmark performance for heavy front-end loader work.

While all T7 Series tractors have a reputation for providing high-level hydraulic performance, the T7.300 add to that reputation by utilising new features like high flow, electro-hydraulic remotes that have fully configurable controls, and a new hydraulic circuit with an optimised design to reduce connection times by 30% and remote test ports for fast fault finding.

Operators will also be able to manage heavy implements with confidence using the new self-centering hydraulic stabilisers with adjustable lock points. While the customisable advanced joystick controls up to 6 remote valves to provide the ergonomics many current operators seek.

Features at a glance

  • Stage V compliant engine where markets legislate emissions
  • Upgraded AutoCommand transmission
  • Customisable Intelliview™ 12 Monitor
  • Efficiency boosting PLM Intelligence with proactive support for maximum uptime
  • MYPLM® CONNECT uptime support
  • Large diameter 2.05m tall tyres for increased performance, traction and low soil compaction
  • Terra Lock traction management ensures power transfer to the ground
  • Superior comfort: Horizon™ Ultra cab – “the quietest on the market” 
  • New Electronically Variable Geometry Turbo ensures high torque and fuel efficiency at low rpms
  • Intuitive and fully adjustable Sidewinder™ Ultra Armrest
  • Semi-active Comfort Ride™ cab suspension
  • Integrated Large Square Baler control for optimised tractor/baler interaction
  • Unique Centreview™ display
  • High hydraulic flow for demanding implements
  • New self-centring hydraulic stabilisers with adjustable lock point
  • Tractor Implement Management (TIM)
  • 4-speed PTO: 540/540e and 1000/1000e
  • Up to 12.5% greater carrying capacity
  • 50% longer service intervals than the competition (750 hours)
  • 465-litre fuel tank
  • Electronic park lock
  • Immobiliser
  • Programmable key fob
  • Remote door locking