Order your custom-built sprayer from Uniboom

Uniboom Spraying Equipment manufactures a wide range of trailed, tray-mounted and linkage spray systems with capacities up to 2500-litres.

If you can’t find a sprayer to match your requirements, Uniboom will build it for you. Based in Box Hill, NSW, the company prides itself on building sprayers to meet demanding Australian conditions and offers its custom-build service at an affordable price.

Uniboom builds trailed, tray-mounted and linkage sprayers and has a policy of using locally produced pumps and components wherever possible.

If a part is not available locally, Uniboom directly imports high-quality components and fittings that will ensure the performance of their sprayers.

As a local independent maker, Uniboom has forged strong links with suppliers and can offer component choices based on buyer familiarity, or preference for specific equipment.

Uniboom Spraying Equipment is a division of Vineyard Engineering, whose core business has been manufacturing equipment for the spraying industry since 1970.

In 2000, the Uniboom brand was launched into the wider market with a comprehensive range of sprayers, remote hose reels, pumps, rate controllers and components.

With a target market of end-users requiring tank sizes up to 2500 litres on trailer and tray-mounted units, and 1200-litres on linkage sprayers, Uniboom is well equipped to cater for all customer requirements within this range.

All machines are built to customer specifications and to ensure the highest levels of performance for any application, Uniboom builds and markets spraying equipment only, without the distraction of other product lines.

The company maintains a policy of diversity and as well as offering a standard line of sprayers, it has the ability and expertise to build special-purpose sprayers.

Design and manufacture are carried out in-house and backed by broad experience in this field.

For any specialised or made-to-custom order requirement call Uniboom Spraying Equipment on tel: 02 9627 5580, email: info@uniboom.com.au, or go to: www.uniboom.com.au.

Dealer enquiries to stock the full range of Uniboom models are also welcome.


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