OrganiPro helps organic livestock producers find a way to reduce methane output

Performance Feeds has facilitated a way for organic livestock producers to optimise production and reduce methane output with the launch of OrganiPro®

OrganiPro® is certified by Australian Organic as an organic mineral supplement that contains Agolin to aid in the reduction of methane in grazing cattle year-round 

OrganiPro® has been certified by Australian Organic as an aid to reducing methane in grazing cattle year-round. This organic mineral supplement contains Agolin.

Presented as a highly palatable supplement for cattle the makers claim OrganiPro® will boost frame and bone growth, productivity, feed efficiency and a big bonus for many, reduce methane output.

Performance Feeds National Sales Manager, Peter Cush said; “We’re excited to launch OrganiPro® onto the market. Organic producers should have access to an organic nutritional supplement that will boost profitability and production in their livestock and OrganiPro® is that supplement”.

This loose lick nutritional supplement has been formulated to boost livestock production systems and contains key ingredients to achieve this goal.

To promote frame growth in cattle, it is important to maintain their intake of phosphorous for energy metabolism.

Performance Feeds National Sales Manager Peter Cush says OrganiPro® is ideal for organic cattle producers to ensure producers are operating a balanced farm program

OrganiPro® contains phosphorous, calcium and magnesium, critical macro minerals that will promote frame and bone growth.

Supporting the macro minerals are trace vitamins and minerals that will boost productivity and reproduction. Keeping these vitamins and minerals in balance year-round will assist producers to achieve high results and a consistent line of breeding stock.

“Performance Feeds works to develop and implement nutritional products for producers that will increase their production and profitability.”

“OrganiPro® is another example of this. Tailored to organic producers, organic cattle can now benefit from a nutritional supplement that won’t compromise their organic status and will increase profitability for the producers,” Peter Cush concluded.

To optimise the rumen function and reduce methane output, Agolin has been added to OrganiPro® as a key ingredient. Agolin will also improve feed efficiency and weight gain when supplemented to cattle.

OrganiPro® has been certified as a ‘Certified Allowed Input’ by Australian Organic and can be used on properties certified to the National Standard for Organic and Biodynamic Produce standards.

Allowed Inputs can be used by organic cattle producers as a supplementary tool to ensure producers are operating a balanced farm program. 

Australian Organic celebrates Australia’s organic producers and the technological developments that are allowing producers to achieve competitive results that will boost their profitability.

The development of OrganiPro® as a nutritional supplement for organic cattle producers is a step towards Australia’s organic future. To find out more about OrganiPro® and how it can be used to achieve a balanced farm program, contact your local Territory Manager or go to: