Provenir launches a solution to eliminate live cattle transport

Provenir adopts on-farm processing, through to artisan butchering, for its unique
packaged meat that retains glycogen stores, leading to better meat quality

Provenir has come up with a unique way to sell its meat.

With catchy phrases such as crowdfunding, Provenir embarked on a campaign to pre-sell prospect supporters their on-farm processed beef. With delivery of the pre-sale Meat Packs expected by the end of July 2019.

The result, more than 100 supporters pledging over $26,000 to secure the pre-sale of Provenir’s fully traceable, on-farm processed Meat Packs. There is only $7,000 of meat remaining to reach sales target of $33,000.

Provenir claim to be the first in Australia to take part in the solution to eliminate live cattle transport by processing high welfare meat on-farm.

Taking the innovative approach one step further, Provenir has used the crowdfunding platform, Pozible, to reach its sales target.

“Provenir’s crowdfunding campaign is not a marketing gimmick, rather it’s a really important part of our business plan, said Jayne Newgreen, CMO and co-founder of Provenir

“Securing pre-purchase of our Meat Packs ensures the business viability in the crucial first few months. Whilst our supporters have been vocal and numerous during development stages of our business – it is vital that we translate this support into customers upon the launch of Provenir.”

Provenir’s high welfare meat supporters will receive products that have full traceability and true provenance.

Provenir has full control of the entire value chain, from on-farm processing in the commercially licensed mobile abattoir, through to artisan butchering, and sales and distribution of the packaged Provenir-branded meat product.

Currently every cut of Australian beef is processed in a static abattoir. The consolidation of abattoirs in recent times has required livestock to be transported, often over long distances to the processors.

The effect of live transport can reduce yield, increase animal stress and consequently have a negative effect on meat quality. Accordingly, Provenir believes that eliminating the stress associated with live transport to a large fixed abattoir will improve meat quality for the consumer.

For more information please go to: or to be one of the first to experience Provenir’s on-farm processed beef go to:


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