Real time on-combine grain analyser

case ih analyser
Case IH on-combine grain analyser

Case IH is releasing a new on-combine grain analyser in 2016 that monitors grain protein in cereals and oil percentage in oilseeds in real time while harvesting. Source AFDJ eNews

Tim Slater, Case IH Product Manager Hay & Harvest, says the new technology is a breakthrough, allowing improved productivity and better profits by efficient management of protein or oil content.

“The 3000H is Australian designed and developed to deliver fast and accurate results,” he said. “Information is fed to a 10-inch touch screen display in the cab, including real time mapping of quality.

“With the use of the 3000H, customer trials showed the potential to incrementally increase profit by blending wheat from different paddocks to ensure the best price at the silo. Due to the new sorting ability, revenue could be increased by $40 per hectare or more in some circumstances.

“Our trial customers are seeing payback on their investment in the 3000H within a matter of weeks because of this new ability to segregate and blend grains. In addition, our customers can compare yield versus grain quality to measure the efficiency of crop inputs such as nitrogen fertiliser – potentially saving on input costs too.”

You will be able to order the 3000H Grain Analyser in 2016 for the Axial-Flow 240 Series combines, and shipping is expected from mid-2016.

The 3000H is available as an extra with the MY16 Axial-Flow 240 Series combine.

Forward ordering allows customers to lock in the benefit of the 3000H and get a combine built to individual requirements while locking it in at today’s prices.