Roesner and SwarmFarm autonomous fertiliser spreader

No tractor required. Expect interest world-wide as Roesner and Swarmfarm Robotics join forces to produce a fully autonomous high-capacity spreader that runs under its own power force

Roesner Pty Ltd, often pronounced as the leading spreading manufacturer in Australia has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to develop a fully autonomous fertiliser spreader in conjunction with SwarmFarm Robotics.

The collaboration between the two Australian companies will focus on the integration the Marshall Multispread fertiliser spreader and i4M control system for variable rate applications with SwarmFarm’s autonomous platform and SwarmConnectTM.

Marshall Multispread is already Australia’s number one selling all-purpose fertiliser spreader, with 10000 units built since the early 1980’s, and the models that spring from this (MOU) could jump their sales further ahead.

The MOU was signed by Andrew Bate, SwarmFarm CEO, and Matthew Roesner, Roesner Pty Ltd, Technical Director.

“This is a significant advancement for adoption of Precision Agriculture and this partnership closes the loop between crop decisions, variable rate applications and autonomous farming”, explained Andrew Bate.

“We have already commercially released, multiple applications ranging from optical spot spraying of weeds, blanket spraying and mowing apps on board the SwarmBot platform.

These are fully autonomous and unmanned field operations working on commercial farms.”

“Variable rate spreading of agricultural inputs is the most utilized form of Precision Agriculture around the world, so the partnership with Roesner Pty Ltd was a logical step to close the link between spreading operations and Autonomous Agriculture.”

“Developing and demonstrating the concept of an autonomous spreader provides a glimpse into the future of farming where smaller, lightweight machines apply fertilisers more precisely and in a timely manner to better match crop requirements.

The i4M Control system developed by Precision Agronomics Australia, our dedicated Precision Ag division, will enable the SwarmFarm integrated spreader to carry out Variable Rate prescriptions and capture biomass data on the run” said Matthew Roesner.

The resultant benefits of the Roesner-Swarmfarm autonomous high-capacity spreader will be in the precision technology the two companies possess and combined for the first time to produce exacting spreading results

SwarmFarm Robotics is an Australian company, leading the development of robots for Autonomous Agriculture. SwarmFarm robots are transforming farming systems from the ground up, by putting advanced technology in the hands of farmers to revolutionise the production of food.

SwarmFarm is one of the first companies worldwide, to commercially deliver autonomous robots to farming customers, with machines commercially deployed in orchards, turf farms and on broadacre grain and cotton farms.

Roesner Pty Ltd, is a 120-year manufacturing company based in Harvey WA. Roesner’s flagship brand is the Marshall Multispreader with 10000 units built since the early 1980’s.

Precision Agronomics Australia (PAA) is a division of Roesner Pty Ltd, producing cutting edge machinery control and variable rate solutions for the Australia and European markets.

For further details on the Roesner and SwarmFarm Robotics autonomous fertiliser spreader go to:  or


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