Roesner i4M shows how to maximise an investment in precision agriculture

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Roesner is behind the Precision Agronomics Australia push to ensure the i4M product range will lead the next wave of precision agriculture

There are over 500 i4M systems in use across Australia and in the United Kingdom with the i4M cloud server, API and hardware operating on a fully integrated platform to manage Agronomic data for over 3500 farmers – shown here managing depth control on a seeding operation

Precision Agronomics Australia (PAA), the developers of the i4M range of Precision farming solutions, has created a unique platform with over 500 i4M systems now in use, and is gaining ground quickly.

The i4M system is expected to lead the next wave of precision agriculture, where innovative machine control technologies, sensor networks and mobile devices are deployed to improve farming efficiency with reduced capital costs.

A recent development has spawned the introduction of an innovative low-cost GPS solution for control and monitoring farm equipment.

The i4M Tracer GPS offers Auto Shut-off and Coverage mapping capabilities to increase productivity and minimise wastage of inputs.

It interfaces with the i4M range of machine controllers such as the i4M Fertiliser controller via a Wi-Fi network to provide sub 1m positional accuracy using standalone GPS hardware, independent of tractor systems.

Key features of the Tracer GPS are the auto shut-off and coverage mapping functions.

The Auto Shut-off function turns the implement off when the machine moves into an area of that has already been covered, minimising application of inputs on headlands and at paddock boundaries.

This coverage mapping enables the operator to log where the machine has been in the paddock, storing maps for future reference.

All i4M systems are tractor independent and integrate directly with equipment from all Tier 1 OEM’s and smaller manufacturers. The i4M RS232 controller interfaces directly with existing third party implement controllers to provide a cost-effective solution for variable rate fertilisers, spray and seed applications – shown here is the easy-to-read interface

To increase the functionality of the i4M Tracer system, PAA has also released the i4M TracerMap app that functions a standalone paddock mapping tool.

At its core, the i4M TracerMap App is designed to tackle an important but often overlooked task, boundary mapping. Boundaries are important for data processing purposes, operation planning and scouting.

When paddock boundaries change, they should be updated to ensure the integrity of Agronomic data and in field efficiency. TracerMap enables a cost-effective solution for paddock boundary mapping.

The i4M TracerMap app is an Android based application that interfaces with the i4M Tracer GPS hardware. The user connects the TracerMap Android application to the Tracer GPS wi-fi network to log GPS co-ordinates as they travel around a paddock boundary. 

“The i4M Tracer GPS is a simple to use standalone product, independent of the tractor GPS, which enables accurate control of i4M systems,” said PAA Director Matthew Roesner.

The i4M system is designed for Australian farmers by a local team of engineers, backed by a local support network to ensure any farm operation can maximise their investment in Precision Agriculture technology. See more about the i4M system operation coverage on this link.