Schütz committed to recycling its empty IBCs and 100-litre drums

The Schütz Ticket Service offers free collection and eco-friendly recycling of IBCs and drums for all eligible customers

600 By returning empty drums and IBCs through the Schütz Ticket Service customers are making an active contribution to lower costs

As a leading global supplier of drum and IBC systems, Schütz is committed to recycling through the collection and reconditioning of all empty drums and IBCs for reuse.

It doesn’t matter what country you bought it from, if it’s a Schütz product, the company will collect it for free Australia-wide.

Benefits of the Schütz Ticket Service include easy collection arrangement organised either online, through the app, by email, phone or fax.

Award winning sustainability

The Schütz IBC reconditioning process complies with the highest environmental and safety standards. When buying a reconditioned Schütz IBC, you can be sure any part of the pack that has come into contact with any product is replaced.

The entire inner bottle, outlet valves and caps are replaced with new Schütz components, and the steel cage is thoroughly cleaned and repaired if necessary to ensure compliance with the Australian Dangerous Goods Transportation Code.

Help ensure continuous supply of crucial crop protection products by returning your drums to Schütz

All discarded parts are recycled and repurposed in line with the Schütz philosophy. 

Returning one IBC and allowing Schütz to recondition the cage saves approximately 100kg of CO2 emissions compared to manufacturing a brand-new cage each time.

When reconditioning IBCs, containers are evaluated according to the last filling product. Residues are removed and appropriately disposed of before the inner bottles are subsequently replaced.

The removed inner bottle is recycled within an internal recycling system, from which high quality HDPE recyclate is generated and then used within the closed cycle system to produce plastic components such as corner protectors and plastic pallets for the IBCs.

By returning empty drums and IBCs through the Schütz Ticket Service, you are making an active contribution to lower costs, higher quality standards, safer recycling material flows and improving the eco balance of packaging in your supply chain.

Return your empty drums and IBCs through the Schütz Ticket Service and you will make an active contribution to lower costs and for safer recycling material flows

Schütz guarantees collection of IBCs and drums within a few working days and will collect anything from a small number to truckloads of containers. Specific pickup times can be negotiated and if there are any special requirements attached to the logistics of picking up containers, Schütz is happy to work through them with customers. 

Returning IBCs and drums keeps supply chain costs down.

If returnable drums are not returned, Schütz needs to make new containers in order to meet demand and help ensure continuous supply of crucial crop protection products – this increases costs to the chemical companies which may eventually end up costing you more.

With spring in full swing, there’s no better time to clean up the farm and return your empty drums and Schütz IBCs to your local reseller. 

If you have a large quantity of containers on site then contact Schütz to see if an on-farm collection is possible.

For collection terms and conditions or to find out more about Schütz services, contact Schütz on 1800 336 228 or email:

Schütz shows how to handle with care

Schütz is one of the largest and most technically advanced bulk container manufacturing and reconditioning companies in the world, with offices throughout Australia and  around the globe.

The company manufactures and reconditions IBCs in both Melbourne and Brisbane and also has a reconditioning facility in Perth.

There is rapidly growing demand for returnable packaging from end-users because of its cost efficiency, and IBCs are particularly popular for their ability to transport larger amounts of liquid product in bulk while making maximum use of available space on transport vehicles and in storage facilities.

If your business is a regular user of IBCs, Schütz provides an IBC Handling Guide to ensure customers get maximum benefit from the containers and avoid unnecessary damage that can reduce container life and potentially reduce the quality of filled goods.

The Handling Guide covers all the bases from the correct selection of suitable containers for the product to filling instructions, storage and transport and emptying and reuse.

Schütz also produces the locally designed G2 drum that was developed specifically for the agricultural chemical industry.

G2 drums are suitable for dangerous goods applications, stackable with existing market drums and have UV additives to protect them from the harsh Australian sun.

The G2 drum has excellent environmental stress crack resistance required for herbicides that contain aggressive surfactants and is now available in the EVOH barrier technology, delivering customers consistent and reliable prevention of filling good permeation or diffusion.


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