Semeato double disc seeder delivers the goods for livestock producers

Serafin Machinery has several models in stock for immediate delivery that qualify for instant asset write-offs or accelerated depreciation including popular Semeato TDNG300E and TDNG520 seeders

With recent rainfalls throughout most of eastern Australia, sheep and cattle producers are rushing in to make the most of the moisture to help regenerate pastures for their stock.

Livestock producers can see the results and benefits that the most accurate pasture seeders can provide.

These include more accurate seed and fertiliser placement that in turn provides improved germination and consistency that results in early crop vigour.

The Semeato double disc opener provides some of the best seed placement available on the market.

And also offers plenty of versatility and has robustness in its build to suit almost any sowing condition.

Rodney Dunn, sales manager for Serafin Machinery said he would rate the Semeato as the best box drill, he has seen because of its strength, weight and unique operating functions.

“It is often overlooked that a good seeder can save you money in the long run by growing a bigger crop, whether it be grain or pasture.

“Our goal for customers is to grow more on less rain and this can make our producers more profitable. The Semeato range is a premium product and the results speak for themselves.”

“It is pretty easy to understand that you need weight for a disc seeder to penetrate hard, compacted soils.

“There are a lot of disc machines on the market that are just not heavy enough or strong enough to be able to penetrate hard soils and withstand that punishment.”

“The Semeato’s seed placement accuracy comes from its individual depth control of each disc opener and the fact that this is measured right at the point of seed placement.

“Not 300 to 500mm behind as is with some seeders that use the press wheel for depth control.

Serafin’s Semeato TDNG300E is a robust pasture seeder that works across 3m (9.84ft) with a 1,235-litre capacity seed and fertiliser box and can be optioned with a further 80-litres in a small seed box

“It is also common feedback from Semeato customers that they are amazed with how quickly they can get a crop established, and on less rain than traditional Tyne Seeders” said Rodney.

“This is because of the low soil disturbance of the double disc opener so you don’t lose that valuable moisture.

And the accurate consistent seed placement means the crop can get up and away faster and more evenly.” Rodney concluded.

The Semeato TDNG range not only weighs more than its competitors but is strong enough to withstand hard work for many seasons.

Couple that is the unique hydraulic end tow on the larger models, with big seed and fertiliser box capacities.

Add to that class leading seed placement, and it all comes together to make one of the best disc drills available on the Australian market.

Serafin Machinery has available limited stock of TDNG300E and TDNG520 models, and these models are ready for immediate delivery.

Call the Serafin sales team on tel: 1300 737 586 or go to: for more model information.


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