Sencrop weather station keeps you connected

Sencrop gives you current and provisional forecast data for rainfall, humidity, temperature, and also advises the wind speed specific to the paddock to plan any spraying activity.

French company Sencrop has created an affordable solution for farmers to make the most of applying real-time weather data to enhance growing conditions.

The connected weather station collects ultra-local, paddock-specific weather statistics such as air temperature, humidity, rainfall, and wind speed.

This data not only serves to boost farm productivity and efficiency, but also empowers agricultural service providers, who can optimise their services for clients.

With accurate weather data growers can more easily make decisions about sowing, irrigation and crop treatment.

The high-precision data can also be analysed against earlier readings archived in the system to generate a picture of seasonal trends.

It is easy to install, robust and independently operational for several years at a time without having to do any maintenance.

The Sencrop stations can be switched from one paddock to another at will, depending on the season.

Using low-bandwidth wireless network technology Sencrop’s sensors capture a wide range of precise data.

That information is then able to be transmitted directly to the device owner, whether it’s on a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Every farm needs its own weather station. For more information, or to order, visit Sencrop.



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