Serafin adds more models to the sell-out Ultisow Hi Lift seeder range

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Providing a full extra metre of underbar clearance has been what many growers were waiting for and it makes the Ultisow Hi Lift a breeze to setup and maintain
Serafin Ultisow Hi Lift seeder
When the Ultisow Hi Lift seeding bar was coupled with Serafin’s SB2019 row unit it was found to be one of the most effective and advanced seeding units available

Serafin is enjoying great success with its recently released Ultisow Hi Lift seeder and the company says feedback from both new and existing customers has been overwhelming.

All stock of the original 12m model was sold out for the 2020 season and orders are backing up for the 2021 winter cropping season.

The Ultisow Hi Lift seeder frame has been designed to hydraulically lift approximately 1m higher than the standard bar.

This function means the bar provides a full 1.6m of clearance for greatly improved access to the row units for faster adjustment in the paddock, and also allows for easier and safer servicing if required.

The Hi Lift frame can also be built with either two or three ranks of row units which allows for a wide range of row spacings down to 150mm without compromising trash clearance.

Adding the option for a third row gives the ability to offer a slightly narrower row spacing whilst keeping the units open enough to work on easily.

An extra metre of under-bar clearance makes for greatly improved access to the row units for faster adjustment in the paddock, and also provides for easier and safer servicing if required

Adding to the Ultisow Hi Lift for 2021 is the addition of both 6m and 7m working widths for the Narrowfold Hi Lift as well as a wide capacity 15m model.

The bar also has 3m CTF wheel centres as standard and can come with or without a hydraulic rolling bar for controlling the down force onto the row units.  

Further enhancing the performance of the Hi Lift bar is the addition of the new SB2019 row units fitted with the Exapta Uniforce down pressure system.

Serafin says the 2020 season showed Hi Lift models to be top performers that are reliable, easy to maintain, easy to adjust, with many new owners considering them to be the most versatile single disc seeders on the market.

For more information go to or call Serafin on tel: 1300 737 586.