Serafin Ultisow Hi Lift Frame proved its worth

If you want to get hold of one of the most successful seeding combination from the current season get in touch with Serafin about their Ultisow Hi Lift seeder frame and find out how it will save time in your seeding operation – and in all conditions

Every so often something comes along that just makes sense and has you wondering why haven’t they done that before.

This is exactly the case with Serafin Machinery’s latest release, the Hi Lift seeder range.

Feedback from both new and existing customers has been overwhelming.

Orders are already coming through for machines to be built in time for next winter cropping season.

Backing up a good concept is the hard part, but the proof is in the pudding with the first of the new Ultisow Hi Lift’s breezing through its first sowing season without a hiccup.

The seeder was put to work this season in some challenging conditions with an early break creating plenty of wet sowing.

Growers found that it handled the wet ground without any issues and are now looking forward to seeing what Hi Lift seeder range can do in a dry year.

When the Ultisow Hi Lift seeding bar was coupled with Serafin’s SB2019 row unit this season it was found to be one of the most effective and advanced seeding units available

There are reasons behind its success.

The Ultisow Hi Lift seeder frame has been designed to hydraulically lift approximately 1,000mm higher than their standard bar.

This improvement allows for better access to the row units for faster adjustment in paddock, and also allows for easier and safer servicing if required.

The Ultisow Hi Lift seeder frame can also be built with either two or three ranks of row units.

This would then allow for more fine tuning with row spacings down to 150mm without compromising trash clearance or row unit access.

Serafin’s has also taken into consideration that some growers and contractors may not require a hydraulic rolling bar for controlling the down force onto the row units.

So in that case, they have designed the frame to work with or without the rolling bar to accommodate either option.

When the Ultisow Hi Lift seeder frame is coupled with Serafin’s new SB2019 row unit, local growers have access to one of the most effective and advanced seeding units available.

Serafin’s Ultisow Hi Lift seeder frame can hydraulically lift up to 1 metre higher than their standard bar and this is a big advantage on some ground

This season these models have performed to perfection, they were reliable, easy to maintain, easy to adjust, and many new owners consider them to be  the most versatile single disc seeders on the market.

There is more information to be found at the Serafin website or make sure you are in line for a model next season by calling 1300 737 586.


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