Serafin Ultisow Hi Lift seeder range offers growers a winning formula

Serafin has grown the Hi Lift Ultisow range quickly off the back of grower demand and now offers models from 5 to 24m

This Ultisow S12 Hi Lift single Disc seeder was delivered new in 2020 to Southern NSW grower and the machine proved so popular that Serafin went on to expand the range to include 9 and 15m Hi Lift models 

Since 2008 Serafin Machinery of Griffith, New South Wales has been designing and building their own range of no-till disc seeders.

It started with a simple 12m Ultisow single disc air seeder frame and has quickly grown into offering a full range of seeders available in working widths from 3 to 24m and with row spacings able to be tuned down to as low as 150mm (six inches).

With the recent success of the 12m Hi Lift seeder range, Serafin’s has now expanded the product offering to include both 9m and 15m Hi Lift models in the Ultisow Single Disc Seeder Range.

This move has met with immediate success with praise from customers that serafin is filling a gap they have asking for.

“We purchased our first Serafin model over 9 years ago and we recently traded it in on a new 15m Hi Lift model,” said Graeme Haddrill from Temora NSW.

“We had the confidence to buy again from Serafin’s as the previous seeder had completed over 40,000 (100,000-acres) of planting and had no frame issues whatsoever. The lnew Hi Lift design is certainly user friendly, and we have been extremely happy with it.”

Furthermore, to the new Hi Lift models currently available. Serafin has just launched an 18 and 24m Forward Fold seed bar that offers a narrow transport width.

Ultisow disc seeders are now available to order for the 2022 season in working widths from 5 to 24m – with build orders filling quickly please act now to secure a production line spot

The Forward Fold seeder bar has two rows of single disc units with settings down to a 250mm spacing, all set in a super heavy design to ensure perfect penetration.

The foundation of the Ultisow range has always been the super strong and reliable frame that is manufactured locally in Griffith by Collier & Miller Engineering. They are renowned for their industry leading techniques and technology, and their consistency in producing high quality machines.

The frames of the seeders are designed in house with a collaboration between Collier & Miller’s own Engineers and the team from Serafin Machinery.

This ensures that the machines are made to customer specifications and are continually improving.

Serafin Machinery also endeavour to team up with quality Australian made accessories such as the Gason air seeders from Ararat VIC which is the Serafin preferred airbox for their mounted airseeder range.

Along with Gason, Serafin use a range of Australian made air diffusers, as well as Manutec and RFM gauge wheels, press wheels and closing wheels.

Furthermore, they offer Seed-VU air exhausts as options and only use Australian made air seeder hose on their seeders.

When it comes to supporting the local agricultural industry Serafin Machinery starts with looking in their own backyard for some of the best components and manufacturing practices available.

Since Serafin Machinery are a solely 100% Australian owned and operated company that wholly designs with local farmers in mind, they can produce the best quality product in a build to withstand the harsh and varied ground conditions we face.

Serafin are continually improving their model range based on local farmer feedback. For more information on the popular Serafin Machinery Hi Lift seeder range go to or call for your nearest dealer on tel: 1300 737 586.