Sitrex finger wheel rakes

Sitrex MKE finger wheel rake
Sitrex finger wheel rakes can turn a failed grain crop into saleable fodder with their gentle handling and ability to minimise soil contamination.

Sitrex has been selling its finger wheel rakes in Australia for 30 years and distributor Inlon says that for a farmer with a failed grain crop, a finger wheel rake is a cost-effective solution for salvaging saleable fodder.

The company says cereal hay farmers already know the benefits of using a finger wheel V-rake as they cover large areas efficiently and are gentle on the grain so the head stays intact. Also, if the ground is furrowed, a V-rake can roll along the ridged seed drill lines, gently passing the crop from one wheel to the next with minimum soil contamination of the crop.

Maintenance of V rakes are low with few complex mechanical parts and they can work fast so fodder can be produced very efficiently.

Even if a crop has been a success, a finger wheel rake can bring in extra profit from straw sales. Drought conditions in Australia have increased the use of feed mixers and straw provides good bulk and fibre for the mixed rations.

The Sitrex range starts from small linkage rakes for small scale growers through to large trailed V rakes for contractors and broadacre farmers.

For more information on Sitrex finger wheel rakes, call on tel: 02 4360 4000 or 0419 625 866, or see


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