Stockboss steel fencing posts can stand up to corrosive soils

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Experienced fencers use the term difficult soils to describe acidic, saline and alkaline elements that can corrode steel posts at a quick rate – but that’s no longer the case if you use Stockboss

Don’t consider any other brand of steel posts until you check out non-corrosive Stockboss posts from White’s Fencing available in 165 and 180cm lengths

Steel posts that last for decades are often rapidly reduced to rust below the ground and at ground level due to difficult soils mostly where you can’t see the problem.

It’s a hidden problem that’s only evident when the fence fails. Dig a little way into the soil and you’ll find that a steel post that looks great above the ground, is considerably eroded.

A soil classification map of Australia quickly shows significant tracts of prime grazing and farming land across Australia are Vertosols and Sodosols which are acidic and alkaline, respectively.

As this diagram of the post seated in the soil show, there are many corrosives at work and explains why White’s released the Stockpost to combat the issue of corrosion

These are particularly prevalent in western Queensland, NSW, Victoria and parts of South Australia. When you consider dryland salinity hazard zones, the effect is even more widely spread across the country.

Answering the call for a better fence post in these areas is the Stockboss fence post with its unique corrosion-resistant wrap that has been independently tested to perform up to three times longer than traditional coatings.

Featuring Barrier-shield™ technology, the corrosion-resistant polymer wrap combines with the bituminous coating to form a dual barrier against difficult soils. The wrap material is bonded to treated steel for an exceptional seal.

“It then extends 100mm above the ground for additional protection against differential corrosion (DC) in the critical zone above and just below the soil line” adds Brian Gray, research and development manager Whites Group. (DC is known to create weak points at ground level through a combination of oxygen concentration and corrosive elements).

Stockpost steel posts have been made with a hardened dual barrier coating to resist underground corrosives and help prevent rusting

Stockboss has been tested in the lab and the paddock. Lab-testing in a controlled salt-spray environment to 1500 hours, and paddock testing in various soils around Australia has resulted in a post with superior corrosion protection.

Stockboss, with the corrosion-resistant wrap and black bituminous coating is available in 165 and 180cm lengths and slings of 200 (bundles of 10).

For more information see the Stockboss website, contact your local Whites Territory Sales Manager, or call Whites Customer Service Team on 1300 559 732.