Bourgault 7000X is an Aussie specific build

Since Bourgault’s 7000X airseeder range was launched two years ago it has been steadily making a strong impact with large scale grain growers. Bourgault X Series models were created specifically in response to requests from Australian farmers such as a different tank configuration to the standard North American 7000 series range. The local tank design […]

Bourgault steps up with a mid-row banders advantage

With dryer than usual ground conditions prevailing this season, Bourgault has an ace up its sleeve with its Mid Row Banders (MRB) for one-pass planting operations. Even with limited soil moisture the coulter discs and narrow seed knives design offer the best method of preserving moisture and placing nitrogen fertiliser accurately. Mid Row Banders minimise […]

Bourgault Series 3420 Paralink Hoe Drill is a big deal

Since its launch in Canada, there has been lots of hype about how Bourgault’s massive new drill was capable of transforming to only 5.6m (18.2-ft) wide and 5m (16.6-ft) high for transport. Equally impressive is the drill’s ability to manage transport turns with relative ease using its unique steering system. The company has two models […]

Bourgault 3420 PHD Paralink Hoe Drill continues to be a show stopper

It tops off a great year for Bourgault. It already holds the title for the 2017 “Planter of the Year” and now the 3420 PHD Paralink Hoe Drill has also taken out the Henty Machine of the Year award. Just what is all the fuss about you may well ask. Well for starters this highly […]