ANZ Agribusiness outlines future prospects for growers and producers

Just where farming and associated income streams are heading is revealed in this tell all summary from ANZ Agribusiness specialists with their fingers on the pulse People in agriculture and country communities pride themselves on being resilient, as well as planning for the many scenarios that the sector can throw up. Looking ahead it is […]

Harvester forums show set-up to make money and best of all they are free

Grain grower Noel Fowler was able to gain a first-hand understanding of how setting-up and calibrating harvesting equipment correctly can equate to money in the bank Noel Fowler, who is part of his family’s Rapanui Pastoral Company at Williams, attended a Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) harvester forum at Cuballing WA last season. He […]

Bourgault FMS Seeders are the perfect fit for medium farming operations

Along with the benefit of narrow transport Bourgault’s FMS range of seeders is giving smaller scale operations and contractors access to the strength and productivity found in much larger units Bourgault seeding equipment is already the most sought after for large-scale broadacre growers and that same reliability and strength has now been built into their […]

Phillbourne Retrodrum is the feed auger that boosts header efficiency

With the pressure to perform without down-time during a busy cropping season, nothing is more important in the harvest window than a reliable and efficient header This reliability factor is why the Retrodrum has won over many new customers over the past few seasons. Designed and manufactured by Phillbourne of Merredin WA, the Retrodrum is […]

Carbon rich fertile soils created from organic nitrogen is getting closer

Crop production around the world struggles with declining soil health and it is taking some innovative solutions from local researchers to correct that situation Local researchers are investigating production of a sustainable organic nitrogen fertiliser made from aquatic cyanobacterial biomass – ideally suited for badly degraded areas reliant on chemical fertilisers. “Many soils are degraded […]

Winter Crop blessed with record plantings in many growing regions

The winter crop for season 2021-2022 looks set to head straight into a record planting even though conditions stalled early sowing in some growing regions Early estimates from several collaborate sources suggest the area planted to winter crops is set to reach a record high with growers chasing both increased local and world prices in […]