SDLG adds quality mini excavators to its farm handling and digging range

SDLG is already well known for its leading wheel loader range that is ideal for farm operations and they are now joined by the most current mini excavators available Farm operations are replacing additional farmhands with equipment that can be used by less experienced operators and the addition of the ER616F mini excavator into the […]

SDLG L938H wheel loader has all the credentials farmers need

The SDLG L938H wheel loader is part of the H-Series models that distributor CJD Equipment expects to become the most sought after for farm jobbing CJD Equipment has been distributing SDLG wheel loaders into our local market for over 11 years and has reached a pinnacle of perfection for farmers with the introduction of the […]

SDLG H Series wheel loaders are loaded up with reliability

CJD Equipment release the H Series range of SDLG loaders that are ideally placed for farm operations The SDLG H-Series wheel loader range has been released to build on the success the badge has already achieved with previous models by combining durability and superior comfort, along with exceptional fuel efficiency. The result is a range […]

SDLG celebrates 50 years of wheel loader reliability

SDLG moves strongly into 2023 following a series of celebrations in 130 countries worldwide as the company chalks up 50 years of supplying its popular model range With strong demand from agricultural, construction and quarry industries, SDLG Wheel Loaders are an excellent choice for local operations delivering reliable performance, with simple operation and low maintenance. […]

SDLG L958F wheel loader has the power you need for all farm operations

SDLG is offering the ultimate model selection for busy farm operations with its 5 tonnes load-rated L958F wheel loader The SDLG L958F wheel loader can easily handle 5 tonnes loads as this 17 tonnes operating-rated model is built with combined reliability and high performance and that make it an excellent choice for farm operations. Popular […]

SDLG LG959 wheel loader a match for Queensland heatwave

Much of eastern Australia has just sweated through an exceptionally warm and dry summer but in south-west Queensland farmers are still talking about February 2017 when the mercury topped 47C. And so too is Chinese manufacturer SDLG. The company is claiming an unqualified victory for its LG959 wheel loader at a cattle station in the […]