Titan Australia is more than just a tyre company

Titan wheels and tyres
While Titan is the leading supplier for OEMs the company is also ready and able to work direct with large-scale farmers and contractors – the company recently supplied this custom designed 50-inch dual wheel/tyre and spacer set for the owner of this Claas Xerion 500

Titan Australia is best known for its expertise in tyres, wheels and axles, and the company has established itself as the leader in engineering, design and fabrication services for agricultural machinery components.

For two Australian farm machinery companies, assistance in manufacturing from Titan has been integral to their success.


When it came to choosing a partner to supply wheels, tyres and axles to improve the performance of their spraying equipment line – manufacturer Croplands chose Titan Australia for their engineering expertise and advantage of sourcing the best material available

For spraying equipment manufacturer Croplands, Titan’s engineering expertise in wheels, tyres and axles is crucial to the performance of their finished sprayers.

The two companies partner together in the development and design of new products that are specifically suited to the local farming landscape.

“Titan’s capability in terms of supplying and sourcing all over the world is the key thing for us. And coming with that is the consistency of the components they use,” said Croplands Operations Manager David Tiu.

“For us to take our machinery to another fabricator or build it in-house isn’t easy – we already source all our wheels from Titan, so it’s logical for us to take it to them to do the whole package.

“Rather than just viewing Titan as a supplier, we work with them on the design aspect of our requirements and really utilise their expertise in machinery – it’s a very collaborative process.”

Toomey Earthmovers

Another local company thriving with Titan Australia’s assistance is Toomey Earthmovers, which designs and manufactures specialist graders for earthmoving.

For Toomey, Titan Australia provides machine components and fabrications that make up to around 40 per cent of the finished graders.

Toomey has been using Titan wheels, tyres and axles from day one, but the relationship between the two companies has grown in recent years to include Titan’s fabrication.

The advantage for Toomey is that Titan manufactures parts to stock rather than to order, allowing the small company to meet order requirements quickly amid fluctuating demand.

“Titan have been generous on the manufacturing cost in order to establish themselves as a long-term partner for us,” says Toomey Earthmovers Project Engineer Damien Toomey.

“As a company, we’re positioning ourselves to supply a much larger volume of product in the near future, and the partnership with Titan Australia enables us to be ready when the time comes and we can double or triple output with ease.”

Mildura manufacturing facility

With the backing of parent company Titan International – a supplier of tyres, tracks and wheels to OEM markets globally – Titan Australia has become the leading provider of tyres, wheels and axles in Australia.

It’s recent expansion into supplying custom fabrication and parts for agricultural machinery is made possible by its state-of-the-art manufacturing hub in Mildura Vic.

Titan wheels and tyres
Titan’s Mildura facility offers a 5,500 square metre production space and the latest hardware and software to meet high standards of fabrication and design

The facility utilises a 5,500 square metre production space and the latest hardware and software to meet high standards of fabrication and design.

It is staffed by a group of 30 experts with a vast knowledge of agricultural productions and the experience in specialised manufacturing to meet any requirements.

The Mildura plant has the capacity to supply most agricultural parts requirements, housing a vast range of CNC machining equipment, a 5000-tonne pressing capacity, automated welding stations, engineered paint line system, Autodesk design and Ansys analysis software.

Alongside the engineering expertise, Titan carries a complete range of tyres for all applications, from premium brands through to cost-competitive options, and can cater to all of your requirements, be it speed, flotation, traction or height.

A complete range of wheels from 152mm (6-inches) through to 1371mm (54-inches) diameter can be designed and manufactured to individual requirements.

Titan offers a full range of designs, such as fixed welded wheels, adjustable bolted tractor wheels, demountable rim options and clip-on dual applications.

Titan also carries a complete axle assembly and spare parts range.

Their locally manufactured axles ranging in capacity from 500 to 20,000kg and are designed with longevity in mind.

Manufactured from the best Australian Blue Scope steel products, Titan heavy duty parts and components are developed with one goal – to maximise the uptime of work fleets.

This local expertise and knowledge on the ground enables Titan Australia to build components that are made to last in uniquely tough Australian farming conditions – a critical feature of any piece of agricultural equipment in this country.

Wheel and tyre customisation

Current farming requirements mean it is no longer feasible to have tractors set up to do just one job.

They need to be capable of performing a wide range of tasks and often the original equipment wheels and tyres are not suitable for every farmer’s needs.

Titan wheels and tyres
A complete range of wheels to suit any farming or rural operation from 152 to 1371mm (6 to 54-inch) diameters can be designed and manufactured by Titan Australia to meet any individual job requirements

This is where Titan Australia’s ability to custom manufacture a wheel and tyre package to suit individual needs can lead to improved efficiencies and save farmers time and money.

Titan’s engineering team is dedicated to working with its customers to find solutions that best suit their needs.

Whether that be moving to wider flotation tyres to reduce soil compaction, an LSW (Low Sidewall) option, or to dual wheels with custom made spacers to achieve specific required tyre tracking.

Titan have successfully manufactured and supplied many custom designed dual wheel/tyre and spacer sets to suit individual farmer’s needs including a recent set of 1270mm (50-inch) wheels/tyres for a Claas Xerion 500.

This particular set-up gave the farmer the option of using a short and long spacer to achieve a 2 and 4 metre tyre track setting.

The customer then has the option of removing the long spacer to bring the wheel/tyres into a more standard dual tyre spacing. It gives the farmer more options and uses for his tractor and the narrow setting option is also ideal for transporting.

Titan have also manufactured many custom offset wheels and different length spacers to achieve the very common 3 metre tyre tracking for broadacre farming.

They can manufacture adjustable wheel options for row crop farmers and also have an extensive range of both Australian-made and imported agricultural axles as well as suspension systems and solutions to suit individual needs.

For further information contact Titan Australia on 1300 791 672, go to www.titanaustralia.com or email enquiries to mildurasales@titanaustralia.com


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