Trelleborg marks its contribution to sustainable agriculture

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Trelleborg tests have shown a 5% increase in crop production when growers use their Variable Inflation Pressure (VIP) tyre system

The world’s population reached 6 billion people in 1999 and is expected to increase to 8.5 billion by 2025.

One of our greatest challenges is to increase food production in a sustainable manner.

Trelleborg is one company that is introducing some major goals in sustainable agriculture.

From current cultivated areas it is clear that more sustainable agriculture is needed to meet an increased population challenge.

Trelleborg believes the answer is greater industrialisation and in certain areas, a faster transition to mechanical solutions.

The demand for precision farming practices, that is currently used on only 5% of the world’s

cultivated area, is therefore expected to increase to 20% within the next decade.

Driverless machines and robots will become increasingly common, to enable agriculture to produce more with fewer resources.

One contribution from Trelleborg, is the Variable Inflation Pressure (VIP) system, a smart tyre that automatically adapts tyre pressure to load and ground conditions.

This has two effects in economic and environmental terms. Lower power required when planting and better crop yields.

Tests by Trelleborg show up to 5% higher yield than with standard wheels. So, Trelleborg is investing in developing this line further in conjunction with smart tyre and wheel systems.

The Variable Inflation Pressure (VIP) system is currently available as a factory fit option for European based agricultural tractor manufacturers.

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