Velcro launches reusable UV-resistant plant tie

Velcro UV Plant Tie
Velcro’s UV plant ties are simple to use and promise long-term resistance to the elements.

Velcro has launched a UV plant tie to help horticulturalists support and secure their plants quickly, easily and effectively. The lightweight tie, that is both reusable and adjustable, is suitable for the most delicate of plants and saplings due to its soft texture.

The Velcro UV plant ties have been designed and manufactured specifically for the horticultural industry and have been the subject of rigorous testing across Australia at select farms.

Velcro UV Plant TieFeedback from these trials suggests they are very robust and hold up remarkable well to both heat and cold, and to strong winds.

The reusable ties are very simple to use. Just cut the tape to the required length, allowing for at least 80mm of overlap (more for bigger jobs). Then pull the plant tie until the right tension is obtained. Finally, press the overlapping parts of the tape firmly together so that they grip and hold.

See how this product range can fit into your operation at


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