Wacker Neuson DW60 Dumper with dual-view rotating console

Wacker Neuson struck a chord with the 5-tonnes load capacity concept rotating mini dumper and followed up with the 6-tonnes DW60 shown here and soon models up to 10-tonnes will be available in the northern hemisphere

Barely two years since Wacker Neuson first unveiled its concept of a mini dumper with a rotating console, an updated version of this unique compact load mover is on its way to several northern hemisphere markets.

The Wacker Neuson DW50 rotating console allows the mini dumper operator to face either the load or what was previously the rear of the machine by rotating the entire console 180 degrees.

On the 5-tonnes capacity prototype DW50, a rotating assembly was loaded beneath the seat and jumped in to action in just a few seconds. Once rotated, the dumper operates like a small dump truck and eliminates the need for the operator to turn the whole machine around in tight spaces.

Wacker Neuson has now updated the mini dumper with the DW60 model that runs with a larger 6-tonnes capacity load. Operators can move forward for driving, then rotate to the rear for loading, unloading and backing up.

It has very compact dimensions, and one of the best benefits is its easier and intuitive to operate.

Following the rotating console DW50’s official launch, the company has followed up with feedback from dealers and operators to see what extras they wanted to the original dumper. The company incorporated that feedback into the DW60 model design.

The next step is to release 9 and 10-tonnes dumpers that are already in development later in 2019.

Wacker Neuson will release the rotating DW60 into more markets in 2019.