Weedetect Billbery camera detection system a perfect fit for a Goldacres G6 Series 2 sprayer

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Test results showed clearly how chemical costs could be slashed with the camera mounted Weedetect Billbery detection system on a Goldacres G6 S2 sprayer

This Goldacres G6 Series 2 self-propelled sprayer showed how the mounted Weedetect Billbery camera detection system could identify and eradicate weeds with economical green-on-green or green-on-brown spot spraying

Goldacres has completed test runs at the Ag Grow Agronomy & Research Day in Griffith NSW where they dazzled growers as they showcased their latest highly effective Spot Spraying technology.

Precision Ag specialist Dave Tuppen demonstrated the Weedetect Billbery camera detection system mounted on the latest Goldacres G6 Series 2 self-propelled sprayer, along with a Weedetect singleshot Drone based weed detection system.

The system requires minimal changes to an existing sprayer and can be used with either self-propelled, trailing or linkage mounted sprayers.

Weedetect Billbery is a boom mounted green on green or green on brown weed detection system using RGB cameras for visual recognition and AI intelligence that identifies the profile of the weeds.

This system is fully integrated into the sprayer rate controller, using existing sprayer nozzles and plumbing and is available with 16 section or individual nozzle control with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) 250 or 500mm nozzle spacing.

The green-on-green nozzle detection technology is considered by many to be the biggest cost saving break-through in the industry for many years and has the potential to reduce grower costs by tens of thousands of dollars in chemical applications over the next few seasons alone.

As far as the operator is concerned, they just need to ensure the sprayer has a compatible section controller such as the Raven Viper 4 and ISOBus.

The Weedetect singleshot Drone based weed detection system was an eye-opener for many growers that haven’t paid much attention to how drones can be incorporated into a cropping system up until now

Of great interest to growers was the Weedetect Single shot, a drone-based detection system using RGB twin cameras with shape recognition.

Using pre-flight and data this system effectively maps the paddock for weeds and that information can be kept as a work record and used for multiple spray passes.

The sensor mounted on the drone can currently detect green on brown and can work with as little as 7 boom sections, however if a greater number of sections is applied, it provides better resolution.

The Weedetect Single shot system maps the paddock at around 43kph at 75 metres off the ground, Dave commented, “it’s really quite incredible to see the drone in action, it’s proving to create quite a lot of attention in the industry, the accuracy is very impressive.”

Whether the best spot spraying system for your operation is drone based or ground sprayer based, Goldacres can now offer the ideal solution, and save a vast amount of money in chemical cost application in the process.

For more information on a drone spraying system or for cost-saving ground spraying, check out the details on this link. And for more detailed information on the Goldacres Weedetect system see an online brochure on this link.