Williamson Agri rippers are designed to improve and maximise seed emergence

Williamson Agri is working hard to deliver machines built to withstand the rigours of farming our rugged cropping ground

Williamson Agri CT rippers can be ordered in configurations from 4 to 12 tines with the ability to cover up to 6m(20ft) in one pass

Challenges for growers come in a multitude of forms from the sandy self-settling Mallee Vic dunes to the generationally compacted dairy areas stretching the River Murray border in NSW.

Taking these challenges head-on, Williamson Agri’s range of CT rippers combine current European design initiatives with the required rugged local construction to efficiently solve any hard pan issues.

The very noticeable point of difference with the Williamson Agri CT ripper range, it that it has adopted crafted curved tines to lift the soil rather than ploughing through it like many tradition tine assemblies.

The advantage of this technique is to increased fracturing capacity while making sure not to invert the soil. This makes the CT machines ideal in areas of no-till farming suffering from chemical or self-settling pans.

The non-inversion of soils offers a multitude of advantages for seeding depth control with trials showing a consistently better germination rate of crops sown straight into Williamson Agri ripped soil when compared with traditional straight style tines

According to Williamson Agri they offer a range of benefits over conventional tine rippers due to the narrow 15mm hardened steel shank design. Engineered to reduce top-soil disturbance, leaving a more level seedbed for accurate seed placement and for more consistent germination.

The laterally curved tines of the CT rippers are able to exert sideways force on difficult hard pans. This results in maximal subsoil movement and fracturing of the hard pan, providing for effective use of moisture and promoting root growth.

The curved tines of Williamson-Agri’s CT rippers give exceedingly good penetration in the hardest of soils while leaving a level seedbed and are available in either 3-point linkage or as trailed drawbar models

An additional benefit of the 15mm tine is to maintain residual organic matter on the soil surface, reducing risk of erosion from both wind and water.

CT rippers can be ordered in configurations from 4 to 12 tines with the ability to cover up to 6m in one pass.

These rippers are available in either 3-point linkage or as trailed drawbar models. They are ideally matched with tractors power from of 88 to 441kW (120 to 600hp).

Williamson Agri has also added a 2.4m small farm frame to its line-up that is ideal for fitting 2 or 4 tines. These frames are ideal for tractor engine power of 44 to 110kW (60 to 150hp) and they also allow the option of running heavy duty coulters.

These machines effectively offer broadacre tine technology to small to medium operations and are ideal for all vineyard ground-work.

Options for the 2.4m frames also include hydraulic breakout for rocky country along with a shark tooth roller to level off without running an extra tillage pass.

Williamson Agri also offer mid-sized V rippers in three configurations with 4, 6 and 8 tines and are best suited to tractors with engine power from 88 to 265kW (120 to 360hp).

Mid-sized V rippers are available as three-point linkage models and are convertible to drawbar machines with the addition of the drawbar frame and hydraulic pack.

Built in the heart of coal mining in the Hunter Valley NSW, Williamson Agri rippers are able to utilise the skillsets involved with maintaining the strongest frames in the farm industry.

Specialising in deep tillage and the feedlot industry, Williamson Agri is passionate about building tough innovative farm machinery to the best standard possible for our local agriculture industry. If you want to be ahead of the pack next season, give Adam a call on 0409 367 887 or contact Williamson Agri through their website: www.williamsonagri.com.au