WMI Feeders expands its range of locally built hay and silage feeders

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High-quality and low-maintenance, WMI feeders are easy to use and built tough for local conditions
Willie’s Albybone model can feed out 6 square bales or 5 round bales but larger machines can also be built to order

WMI Feeders is has become well recognised as building models that have revolutionised bale feeding. These high-quality machines are easy to operate and need little maintenance and this has led to the considerable success of the Warrnambool, VIC manufacturer.

WMI’s range of bale feeders for hay and silage feeding are now first choice for livestock producers as valuable feedback from farmers is incorporated into each design.

The machines are built tough to withstand harsh farm conditions, with a simple design and quality welding. The range includes models able to handle both hay and silage, and square and round bales.

Certain design advantages prompt buyers to choose a WMI-built feeder. The WMI models require minimal upkeep and when maintenance is necessary, such as chain tensioning, it’s made very easy thanks to the unit’s design.

WMI’s range includes the Elite Round Bale Feeder, the Pa-Mick Square and Round Bale Feeder, the Champion 6 Round Bale Feeder and the largest machine in the range, the Albybone, that can feed out 6 square bales or 5 round bales. Larger machines are also built to order.

WMI Feeders have dealers in all regions, ideally placed to serve local livestock producers, and in some cases these dealers have stock in their yards, ready for delivery.

All WMI Feeder models are Australian made for local conditions and are competitively priced. Farmers are encouraged to compare the quality and strength of WMI’s feeders as they pass the test every time.

For more information on the model range or how to order from your local dealer, call WMI on tel: 03 5560 5713, email: sales@wmifeeders.com.au or see the full range at www.wmifeeders.com.au