Bourgault 8000 Series air seeders gives growers added production leverage

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The latest air seeder generation from Bourgault builds on the success of the 7000 series while adding innovations and technology that many growers have been asking for
Bourgault’s 8000 series brings with it a range of product capacities up to 19,370-litres and innovations to increase flexibility for farmers, be it controlled traffic, liquid application, dual section control or more easily calibrated metering

Bourgault engineers have mastered something special with their new 8000 Series Air Seeders as they have combined the successful attributes of previous generations with just the right amount of innovation and technology.

Growers are quickly realising the pressure for them to grow more means they need to keep up to date with some of the most important trends in current planting practices, and Bourgault 8000 Series Air Seeders offer just that.

There are six models in the 8000 Series, and three capacities – 12,330, 15,850 and 19,370-litres – in both trailing and leading configurations. The objective is clear, Bourgault is offering an air seeder to suit all seeding programmes.

The 8350 model has a three tank configuration of 40/20/40 while the two larger machines, the 8450 and 8550 have four tanks with a 30/20/20/30 split.

The 8000 Series also continues with the popular KNEX Integral Tank Design, as this gives growers the flexibility to combine products from separate tanks, while metering from one metering unit.

With the addition of a 700-litre Saddle Tank, the loading of bagged product like Canola becomes much easier

The 8450 and 8550 can be fitted with an additional Saddle Tank to add an extra 700-litre capacity, and provide ease of filling with bagged products, such as canola.

Liquid-ready Streamliner models are also available for all 8000 series models for growers looking to apply liquid nitrogen or other liquid fertilisers as part of their one-pass operation.

Streamliner versions have internal-lined tanks with stainless steel transitions and fixtures. 

Optional pump and liquid rate control packages feature durable stainless steel hydraulically-driven pumps, electro-magnetic flow meter and adjustable product agitation. 500-litre clean water rinse tanks are also standard equipment on Streamliner models.

The 8000 Series are equipped with the hydraulically-driven PDM PRO metering units (first seen on the preceding 7000 Series) aimed at delivering growers the accuracy and reliability they need.

The hydraulic drive units provide ease of calibration, taking only minutes, with the ability to start and stop the calibration process without going back to the cab.

The 8550 model has a 19,370L capacity and a 4-tank setup with a 30/20/20/30 split

All 8000 Series models have been designed to offer options for controlled traffic farming (CTF), with three metre front axles and high-capacity single tyre options for rear axles.

Similar to the Bourgault 9000 I Series, larger rubber and new technologies in tyre design under the seeders has provided growers with more options for reducing soil compaction for more even germination.

Bourgault’s EvenStream 150mm Primary Distribution System is used in conjunction with either single or double-shoot primary air streams, allowing all tanks to meter into either air stream, and providing even distribution across even the largest of tool bars. 

For the first time on Bourgault Air Seeders of this size, 8000 Series machines are now also compatible with Dual ASC (Auto Section Control) offering further efficiencies and input savings to growers.

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