Equalizer air seeder bar and air cart a proven team

The Equalizer Air Seeder bar and Air Cart combination is proving its worth in current hard and dry planting conditions

The Equalizer Air Seeder bar and Air Cart are a duo that is delivering results beyond expectations in dry than average conditions.

And the improved results in the paddock is the most common motive behind why growers and contractors are upgrading their seeding equipment to this badge.

The Equalizer range also has the advantage of incorporated smart technology, but it is not over complicated. The Equalizer Air Seeder runs a hydraulic parallelogram tine with down force pressure set via an accumulator with a 500kg (1,100lb) maximum breakout.

Incorporated into the Equalizer tine unit is a simple seed depth adjustment clip offering 9 quick settings with a semi-knife trip action that allows minor knife tripping without upsetting seed placement.

The deep 4 row frame and optional hydraulic coulters allows the Equalizer to work in paddocks with large amounts of trash.

With the use of domex steel throughout tine units and 10mm thick frame, the Equalizer Air Seeder bar relishes Australia’s tough dry sowing conditions.

The Equalizer Air Cart system is like no other currently available. The patented design has no ordinary lid or walkway on top, instead it has what is referred to as ground fill bubble augers.

Each pod/tank has its own bubble auger that simply fills to its maximum capacity. This allows the operator to have complete control as everything is done on the ground, no running up and down a stair case.

Adding to the control benefit, is the OH&S factor of not having staff working at elevated heights. Another huge benefit is the optional load cells on each pod/tank.

The load cells again provide the operator with the comfort of knowing their seeding rates are accurate. The weights are externally displayed on a screen attached to the air cart and have the capability to display through the tractors ISOBUS.

With individual pod/tank load cells it gives the operator the ability to auto calibrate or adjust seeding rates from the cabin while still in full in operation.

For more information on the Equalizer Air Seeder bar and Air Cart, contact Charles from local distributor Harberger on tel: 0447 876 983 or email: charles@harberger.com.au