HARDI is global and highlights how well we can manufacture locally

While HARDI Australia is a subsidiary of HARDI International a world leader in spraying technology there is a substantial manufacturing facility based in Adelaide SA

HARDI sprayers including the giant 9000-litre Rubicon that can be fitted with boom widths from 36 to 54.5m shown here with a drone collecting weed information prior to an operation that can be optioned with GeoSelect and H-Select nozzle technology to save up to 90% of herbicide usage and cost

In fact, the majority of HARDI sprayers sold in Australia and New Zealand are built locally. To put it in perspective, the company’s local production consumes more than 7200kg of welding wire and 8.4 tonnes of ‘HARDI Red’ powder a year.

HARDI International established HARDI Australia in 2002 and today the local business occupies more than 10,000m2 of production, testing, logistics and support space on a 10 hectare site that also has space for testing new machines.

Fluid systems are tested separately in a facility that can fit all HARDI sprayers, including the giant 9000-litre Rubicon self-propelled sprayer and its 48.5m boom. With a full water recovery system, HARDI is able to run spray tests for 24 hours and longer.

Hardi’s Australian Product Development Centre (APDC) works closely with five HARDI Development Centres around the world, to streamline the delivery of innovations to customers. The APDC effectively makes the findings of that research widely available to local farmers.

At the same time, Australian innovations are fed back into the network to benefit farmers overseas.

The HARDI Rubicon is a perfect example. It was developed locally to meet the unique needs of local broadacre farmers, but now it is HARDI’s largest self-propelled sprayer and is offered worldwide.

Building on the Australian template, HARDI’s global network contributed class-leading engine, boom, fluid control and guidance technologies to the Rubicon.

The 6500- and 9000-litre stainless steel tanks fitted to the Rubicon are manufactured by a South Australian supplier, that also manufactures 6200-litre tanks for the Hardi Saritor 62 Active self-propelled machine as well.

It is one of more than 130 Australian OEM suppliers that benefit from HARDI Australia’s manufacturing operation, along with more than 100 local employees.

For applications where 6200-litre tanks and precise tip to tip height control is important there is the Hardi Saritor 62 Active self-propelled machine with boom widths from 36 to 48.5m with H-Select nozzle technology

HARDI’s self-propelled sprayers are in a class of its own, complemented with HARDI’s H-Select Nozzle Technology with precise rate control for wide booms. Furthermore, HARDI’s latest innovation in spraying technology, the.GeoSelect, works in conjunction with H-Select.

GeoSelect was developed in-house at HARDI Australia’s headquarters in South Australia and is a new system of weed seeking that enables centimetre perfect herbicide application and can reduce spraying costs by as much as 90%.

This selective spraying solution combines pre-scanned paddock insights with real-time metrics to enable strategic, accurate and accountable chemical application. See separate story on how GeoSelect operates on this link.

Hardi Australia’s production commitment has also helped develop local expertise. Making sprayers here means HARDI can configure machines to meet the specific needs of its customers.

While HARDI’s local dealers and service technicians are generally a farmer’s main source of information, HARDI Australia has specialist technicians for all of its sprayers.

HARDI technicians are also experts in aluminium boom configuration, and that comes down to a combination of applying lots of local knowledge.

Mixing international technology with tailored production is called ‘global made local’, and it’s in the heart of every aspect of HARDI’s production and customer service.

Contact Hardi Australia for your local dealer on tel: 1300 0432 734 or see the Hardi self-propelled model range on this link.