Trelleborg boosts traction capability of high power tractors

With design input from leading tractor manufacturers Trelleborg’s TM1000 tyres optimise high power tractor performance levels. Enhancements covering tread pattern, lug design and tyre material composition deliver superior traction, floatation and wear characteristics. With conventional configuration (i.e. non articulated, non track) tractors now being produced with up to 368kW (500hp) of 76 to power capability, […]

Trelleborg wheel systems offers access to custom built solutions

Following Trelleborg’s acquisition of Armstrong Tyres in 2015 the company has grown its Australian footprint and reputation as a key supply of customised wheel and tyre combinations. From it’s Bendigo VIC warehouse and production facility Trelleborg manufacture and supply wheels and tyres for machinery dealers and OEM’s Australia wide. Expert technical knowledge combined with quality […]