Faresin has developed into feed mixer experts

Faresin make the task of preparing the perfect ration and feeding out more efficient with large self-propelled or trailed models From large-scale self-propelled models for feedlots to quick and nimble models for small to medium

WMI round bale hay feeders lead the pack

The Champion from WMI Feeders is one of the largest locally made hay and silage models available and can be ordered now For livestock producers looking to get bulk round bales fed out quickly, there

Sheep exports to Saudi Arabia back on the menu

A new pathway has now been established to export more sheep to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia For sheep exporters anxious to offer stock to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), the Department of Agriculture,

Insect protein creating market buzz

A new report outlines the nutritional, functional and environmental benefits of insect-based nutrition and the value-adding potential in this fast-developing market

Angus Gidley Baird or Rabobank

Red meat supply chains are going green

Proactive governments worldwide have begun regulating to reduce emissions in red meat production forcing industry players to take a different approach  The growing focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions around the world is driving a

National Sheep Health Monitoring Project

Livestock health data captured from one-in-three sheep

The final numbers are in, and 2019 has proven to be another record-setting calendar year for the National Sheep Health Monitoring Project (NSHMP).
Around one-third of all sheep slaughtered in Australia were inspected at a participating abattoir.

Wagyu beef from AACo passes science taste test

The unique flavour, texture and aroma of Australia’s famous Wagyu beef can now be marketed using a world-first flavour profile developed by The University of Queensland in partnership with the Australian Agricultural Company (AACo). Sensory

Supreme 900T

Supreme feed mixers guarantee long life and reliability

Vertical feed mixer manufacturer Supreme has gained a reputation for building highly reliable machines with simple and robust designs. Supreme vertical processors are designed to have fewer wear points and a simplicity that gives hassle

Australian Drought

Agriculture outlook dominated by recovery from drought

The latest forecast from Agricultural experts identifies the recovery from drought as dominating the very positive near-term outlook for higher farm incomes. Even the COVID-19 pandemic that has presented its own challenges has been brushed

Faresin feed mixer wagons are built for Australia

Faresin Industries is a family manufacturing business based in Breganze, Italy. Faresin work closely with Chesterfield Australia, and together form your trusted partnership in Australia for quality, service and performance. This partnership provides the ability

Farm land prices expected to defy economic downturn

Rabobank is reporting Australian agricultural land prices are expected to hold firm through 2020, defying the effects of a severe COVID-19-led global recession. In its report Rabobank is picking that while much of the global

Australian Lamb

Sheep producers faced with mixed fortunes

Analysts are picking continued support for sheep meat prices given the limited supply available but wool producers look likely to suffer a continued slide in returns. In a webinar exploring the sheep and wool outlook,

Nutrix supplementary piglet feeding from WEDA

Many pig farming operations will know the dilemma of having too many piglets for a sow to feed alone. To combat this problem, WEDA developed the Nutrix piglet feeding system. In operation for five years

Finnish long-tailed pigs

Finland leading the way with long-tailed pig production

A focus on good animal husbandry has allowed a Finnish piglet producer to successfully manage a population of long-tailed pigs. Timo Heikkilä is Finland’s largest piglet producer and turned to raising long-tailed varieties in 2003.

Egg supply steady as demand spikes

Australian egg farmers are keen to reassure customers there is no need to fear egg shortages due to the coronavirus pandemic. Retailers have limited egg purchases alongside other household staples in response to panic buying

Beef cattle

Report identifies livestock opportunities and challenges

At the 2020 ABARES (Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences) Outlook conference a key theme was boosting Australian agricultural production to $100 billion over the next decade. To get there, biosecurity throughout

ANZ commodity report shows agriculture holding up well

ANZ’s latest commodity report reveals Australia’s agriculture sector is faring better than other industries as ‘panic buying’ from consumers during the coronavirus pandemic boosted products including wheat, grains and beef. Some segments have been adversely

Australian organic products in demand worldwide

The domestic market for organic products is booming but exporters are also enjoying strong growth. This year’s Australian Organic report has revealed a jump in total export tonnage of 13 per cent. In total, 30,155

Faresin PF line of feed mixer wagons set a benchmark

  If you’re looking for quality feed mixer wagons and telehandlers in Australia, then look no further than Faresin Industries S.p.A, now proudly distributed by Chesterfield Australia. Chesterfield Australia is a strong family owned business,

NDE Model FS1200D with front door

NDE feed mixers produce a perfect ration

With ongoing dry to very dry conditions across livestock producing areas of the country, trailed feed mixers have rapidly become a standard piece of equipment for many operations. It is generally accepted that simply throwing

Reck Torro muck mixer promotes safety

The Reck Torro mixes muck through the slats in livestock shed floors. This protects farm workers from any dangerous gases and removes the need to use large access points. The mixer can be inserted through

Weda smart light for piggeries

German firm Weda has developed its Smart Light to indicate the feed and watering status of each individual pen in a piggery set up. With the LED lamp, which is clearly visible from a distance

Strautmann Verti-Mix 2401 mixer wagon saves time

Peter Mengel, a third-generation dairy farmer from Pittsworth Qld, bought a Strautmann Verti-Mix 2401 mixer wagon and says it is saving him time and money. Peter has 230 cows, mainly dairy Holsteins and a small

Midlock-Capaldi Texel ram

Texel ram achieves a show-stopping price

Since its introduction in the early 1990s the hardy Texel breed has become popular here in Australia but a sale price of $380,000 for a ram lamb is still a show-stopping result in anyone’s language.

Lamb definition changes

Lambs get a new official definition

The lambing season is upon us and while nothing much changes in the paddock, the official definition of what constitutes a lamb certainly has. The new definition is ‘an ovine animal that: (a) is under 12


Australian organic products in demand worldwide

The domestic market for organic products is booming but exporters are also enjoying strong growth. This year’s Australian Organic Market Report has revealed a jump in total export tonnage for 2018 of 13 per cent.

Merino ewes

Research shows Merino wool odour can attract flies

Researchers from the University of Western Australia have identified compounds in Merino sheep wool that are attractive to Australian blowflies. The discovery could help breeders develop fly-resistant flocks of sheep, which will improve animal welfare

Faresin adds high capacity PF line of feed mixers

In April, local distributor Faresin Australia conducted its annual sales training event in Dalby Qld. In attendance was their dealer group from across all states of Australia as they descended upon the Dalby State high

Livestock SA seeks support to rebuild the Dog Fence

Livestock SA is seeking a $25 million funding injection for the South Australian Dog Fence as a major piece of rural infrastructure contributing to the viability of sheep and cattle farming across the nation. Livestock

An affordable grain storage solution from GSI

Grain Systems Inc (GSI) is the world’s largest silo manufacturer and has the industries largest portfolio of grain storage, grain management and material handling equipment. And all of that is now available to local growers

Annual ryegrass Ascend proving to be a top pick

Farmers looking to boost their feed stocks this autumn could consider repeating the home-grown pasture success Southern Tablelands sheep and cattle producer Alex Willson achieved with Ascend tetraploid annual ryegrass. Alex selected the PGG Wrightson

12 Allflex SenseTime cow monitoring

Its now the next generation for cow monitoring

SenseTime is a modular cow monitoring solution that delivers data-driven, actionable information on the reproductive, health, nutritional and wellbeing status of individual cows and groups. It has just been released by the Allflex group. Highly

Triolet top feed for cows

With a low centre of gravity, Trioliet Solomix 2 VLL-S mixer wagons are designed to deliver top quality feed to cows, wherever they are. Source: AFDJ eNews CLAAS Harvest Centre Product Manager – Trioliet, Blair McAlwee, says the new series

Robots herd cattle and pick broccoli

Humans have been farming for thousands of years since the first crops were planted and animals began being domesticated during the Mesolithic era. But technology could soon be squeezing us out of our traditional roles as farmers,